WordPress® is going Calypso, time to switch to alternatives

Due to dropping interest in self-hosted (usually PHP based) CMS, the company behind WordPress outlined a strategy to stay in the game. Of course, this is going to be a cloudy strategy, as offering cloud services is an ever growing market with no end in sight. Question is, what does that mean to the average WP user?

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Ease your Joomla!® life!

Since more and more volunteers are helping with the Joomla! project - with an incredible momentum - there is also a new blog driven by the new Joomla! Extensions Directory and its volunteers.

The blog gives some great insights in the use of Joomla! but also general Joomla! news. A great place to see what's up with Joomla!.

The latest blog post in Tips & Tricks covers 8 great tips to ease your Joomla! life:


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Why You Should Use Joomla!® In Your Next Project

People still tend to think it wouldn't be a not-so-easy to answer question what content management system (CMS) should be used in their next projects. I believe that kind of thinking derives from the days where no blog software ever existed, no cloud service like the ones we know today was at the horizon and a bit knowledge of PHP and MySQL was enough to create a script that would manage an entire website's content.

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Top 3 Joomla!® Templates Resources

When you decide to use Joomla! for your next project, you usually start by finding the right template. With Joomla!, you have plenty of resources where to look for, be it either free or paid templates. Sometimes, it can get really hard to find the right places start with.

I want to give you an overview, of what I think are, the currently 3 most important ones to start with. Some of them also include free versions of our templates but also a multitude of other templates from different vendors, free and paid, from all around the globe.

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