Joomla! - the best free CMS in 2015, CMS Critic

Joomla! won the CMS Critic people's choice for being the best free CMS in 2015!

The announcement states that it might appear to be a surprise. But as CMS Critic analyzes, Joomla! is the global #3 in content management with a strong and thriving community of volunteers (unlike WordPress or Drupal, there is no company behind the project).

This success is a direct result of Joomla!'s strategy to serve both, techys and non-techies equally.

We congratulate the Joomla! project and its volunteers for all the hard work that has been done in the past, as well as the work that is ahead!

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Announcing BreezingCommerce - a Professional Joomla! Shopping Cart

We are proud to announce that we are soon going to release our e-commerce system called BreezingCommerce.

The name hasn't been chosen by accident as it's planned to integrate BreezingForms into the shopping cart shortly after the public release.

The plans for BreezingCommerce emerged after we found our VirtueMart / BreezingForms plugin was way too fiddly to use. That's neither the fault of VirtueMart or BreezingForms but a consequence of two distinct projects that both go different paths.

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Joomla! 3.5 Coming With PHP 7 Support

Joomla!'s new forward thinking development strategy appears to be a a fruitful one. As one of the first CMS out there, it's going to support PHP 7 right away with the upcoming Joomla! 3.5 update.

Be prepared for a faster web as PHP 7 promises an up to 14x faster script execution. Yes, PHP7 might even outperform Facebook's HipHop (HHVM).

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