What is Telegram?

Telegram is a popular mobile phone and desktop messenger similar to WhatsApp but with a bunch of more useful features, especially when it comes to collaboration and sharing. Telegram supports regular chats, group chats as well as bots.

Our Telegram integration lets you create your own bot that is accepting your form submissions and forwarding them right to you or your groups. It supports upload forwarding (photos, videos, documents) as well as our regular PDF, CSV and XML exports.

If you didn't yet install Telegram, it's time to do so: https://telegram.org/

Please follow these steps to test the notifications in Telegram:

1. Add our demo Telegram bot located at https://telegram.me/breezingforms_bot (Just click on it and it will open telegram. You need to have the Telegram messenger either installed on your Desktop or mobile phone). When using BreezingForms, you may want to create your own bot, which is done quick and easy.

2. Send the bot the password 'demo' as message to receive notifications. You can also simply write 'stop' to let him quit sending you notifications.

3. Alternatively, add our demo bot to any of your groups (no password required then)

4. Fill-in the form below and see your submission appear as message in our bot

5. Note that you also will receive demo attempts from other users when using our demo bot