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On this page you'll find all of our demos. Currently, we provide demos and examples for BreezingForms, BreezingCommerce and ContentBuilder. Please choose from the menu above to browse the different examples.

On this page you'll find all of our demos. Currently, we provide demos and examples for BreezingForms and ContentBuilder.

BreezingForms is the professional forms solution for Joomla!®. With more than 5 years of success we not only bring you a feature rich form builder to your Joomla! site but also support you with a multitude of knowledge and best practices when it comes to form creation. Though simple forms are no problem to create, BreezingForms is focused especially on the professional user who needs a reliable solution and great support for recurring form tasks -- while it can do so much more than simple forms!

ContentBuilder is a content construction kit for Joomla!® and a kind of its own. You have full control over how you collect your data and the way it is displayed. It supports custom content templates and also generates native Joomla!® articles if desired. ContentBuilder can handle most of the available content plugins and ships with a collection of useful plugins already (for example image scaling, downloads and many more). ContentBuilder ships with its own form builder and also integrates tightly with BreezingForms.

So you can actually do all sorts of stuff: submit and edit data, display table / details, simplify the way how your customers deal with content and keep your

Crosstec is a germany located company, focused entirely on content management systems and on how to collect and actually do something useful with data.