BreezingForms es el único constructor de formularios para Joomla!® que combina tecnología moderna con características demandadas para aplicaciones empresariales. Des sencillos y bonitos formularios hasta aplicaciones complejas.

Si necesita crear formularios modernos con todo tipo de detalles y compatibilidades, como por ejemplo formularios adaptativos, Bootstrapt de Twitter® o aplicaciones web dinámicas, BreezingForms es la herramienta que necesita.

Con BreezingForms no se encontrará encerrado en una jaula de oro donde la facilidad y comodidad de uso conllevan características limitadas. Muy al contrario, nuestro software afronta con valentía los desafíos complejos y trata de solucionarlos de la manera más fácil y abierta posibles para que así usted pueda implementar las tareas más complejas.

Además integra la conexión con otros servicios populares como Google Drive®, Dropbox®, MailChimp® y permite crear formularios multilenguaje sin otras extensiones. 

Disponible para Joomla!® 4.x / 3.x / 2.5 i WordPress

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ContentBuilder para Joomla!®

Debido a su facilidad de uso, a su rápida y potente puesta en marcha y al robusto código que lo sustenta, ContentBuilder cubre el vacío entre los usuarios regulares de Joomla! y los contenidos estructurados, obteniendo todas las ventajas de un CCK (Content Construction Kit).

La tarea principal de ContentBuilder es estructurar el contenido de Joomla!® (artículos), preservando el estilo nativo del sistema.

De hecho puede hacer muchas más cosas, como por ejemplo catálogos, directorios, anuncios clasificados, comunidades, gestión de contenidos de pago, venta de archivos, galerías de imágenes, formularios de registro extendidos de Joomla!® (incluyendo Captcha y registros de pago), directorios de archivos, envío de artículos, listados con detalles, mostrar registros de la base de datos …hasta el habitual sistema de operaciones CRUD (crear, obtener, actualizar y borrar). Pueden importarse los registros mediante archivos CSV.

Disponible para Joomla!® 3.x / 2.5

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You created a new form, added all the elements, set all the validations, added some scripts and published the form to a menu item. With pride, you open the newly created page, fill out the fields to test it, press that Submit button and suddenly, nothing happens. What's wrong, you might ask yourself. Well, to be honest, there can be a number of things that went wrong. A lot of times, the problem is a simple typo or an opened tag without its closing tag or the wrong name of a field. All those issues are easily detectable and fixable if you know where and how to look. In this series, we'll try to teach you how to do exactly that and you'll get some insight in how we try to debug your forms when you report an issue.

As it was mentioned already, the list of possible issues would be too big to fit in a yearly article, let alone a single one, so we'll try to go through a couple of usual cases we've noticed.

 Today we're going to tackle the issue of emails not being sent.

The usual symptoms would be: your form works, you can submit it, the record is stored in the database but the Admin mail or the Mailback aren't reaching the designated email address.

We're assuming you already set the options to receive Admin mails and that the field containing the user's email address has the Mailback option turned on.

Since our components are using the default Joomla mailing API, the first step would be to check if your Joomla is sending mails at all. To do so, navigate to System > Global Configuration, switch to Server tab and in the lower right corner, you'll see Mail settings. Verify that the entered address is an address you have access to (after all, you have to check if the mail arrived) and click Send Test Mail. A notification should appear at the top of that page. It's either a success message or a fail message.



If sending the test mail failed, you'll also see an error message along with it which will give you some insight on why it doesn't work. For example, there have been times when suddenly the PHP mailer stops working. The usual error message that follows it, says „Could not start mail function“.  Another usual error for SMTP would be failure to authenticate. Re-check your credentials. Switch between mailers (PHP Mail, sendmail, SMTP) and send the test mail again. If none of your mailers work, contact your hosting provider as it's most certain that the issue is on their side.



Another common issue for Admin Emails is if you're using an Alternative Reply-to Email address, there is a possibility your mail will be rejected due to security measures. For best results, use an address with the same domain as your site. A similar problem with not sending mailbacks is that your domain might be blacklisted. You can use tools such as to run a test on your domain.

If you've checked all of the previous, re-check your fields and field properties for any spelling errors. If the issue persists, the form is probably malfunctioning (and you haven't noticed) or there is a deeper issue. This would be a good time to contact our Customer Support.

Next time we'll talk a bit about some of the usual errors that can stop your form from functioning the way you designed it.