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Searched for: Save up later form
24 Nov 2021 00:26
  • Rokhi
thanks Tihana, the aim is to provide mechanism that allows the form data to be saved without generating any emails Then they can come back to it and complete missing information prior to final submission.

I tried adding a sav button with the click action from another forum post :
function ff_btnSave_action(element, action)
    switch (action) {
        case 'click':
          type: "POST",
          url: JQuery(element).closest("form").attr("action"),
          data: JQuery(element).closest("form").serialize(),
          success: function(data)
              alert(data); // possible pop-up confirmation

    } // switch
} // ff_btnSave_action

I enabled the button in the form init piece with
$this->execPieceByName('ff_InitLib'); //Include BreezingForms Library

$user = JFactory::getUser(); 

if($user->id >0){
echo '
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
echo '
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
But it still sends the emails - just without validation.
Category: Usage
23 Nov 2021 08:13
  • Rokhi
How can I set up a form so the user can save it without submitting it, (say a long and complex form, where they are missing some info ) and need to save it, get the info and come back to it later and complete the form and submit if ready to do so. - or even save again.
Category: Usage
16 Jul 2021 17:43
  • GaryBartlett
Thanks for the quick response, Tihana.

I'm wanting users to be able to save their data on my site, for their own ongoing online use - rather than receive it via email.

Here is the basic story for the end-user:
  1. Add a new Quest (record) via the main form.
  2. Edit the record later, if required.
  3. Complete one or more (child) detail forms against the Quest (parent) record.
  4. Repeat the process for other Quests.
  5. Browse their Quest list at any point - adding, editing and deleting records and associated child records.
  6. Share Quests with other users - optionally inviting them to make comments against the Quest and the Quest details.
The Quests are dramatic improvement initiatives and projects.

Does that make sense?


Category: Usage
14 Apr 2021 08:49
  • Niederhofer
Yes, right, Tihana! That´s what I thought too at the end. But I need to personalize the way, how the signature.png is saved. One folder and "sign-"+hash md5 code is just good to save without having the same name saved twice....but, what happens, if you have 1.000 user signatures saved and you want to find one signature later...

Have you been able to do a test with the idea to save the png with a script in "advanced-more options-end submit" area of the form itself, but then in JPATH_SITE . '/media/breezingforms/uploads/'.$ID.'/user1.png'?

Thanks for support!
28 Mar 2021 18:18
  • Niederhofer
Dear Tihana,
I have a form, where you can upload 3 single foto. On start, you can see the file upload Search-button with the message "no file chosen" .

After chosing a file, than this "no file chosen" changes to the file name.

This form can be reloaded, so that the user can later on fill in additional data. All fields, which have been previously filled in the session before, are repopulated with the data already saved in the db table - so the user can rework on them, change them or leave it as they are.

How can I set it up, that after reloading I also get again the original load status of already preloaded fotos from the session before? Like this after reload:

Thanx and have a great start into the week! Andreas
09 Feb 2021 12:02
  • tihana.krivic's Avatar
  • tihana.krivic

I will accessto your page a little later, but this code looks ok.
Where did you put this js file on your server?
Here is example with masked input and .js file for help:

Category: Feature requests
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