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Crosstec CROS-611 sagepay plugin 1 año 11 meses antes #238315

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Hi Mario,

Can you advise if there has been an update to the email you sent to me (text below) about a year ago.

Regards and thanks


From: Mario Puco []
Sent: Monday 5 November 2018 13:45
Subject: Crosstec CROS-611 sagepay plugin

Reply above this line.
Mario Puco commented:
From StackOverflow :
"The libraries MCrypt support depend on have not been updated in years and MCrypt should no longer be considered a viable or secure method of encrypting data. What's more, MCrypt has been deprecated in PHP 5, and removed entirely in PHP 7."
There are number of solutions provided there, hopefully some will suite your needs.
I will inform my developers so they can take a look into this and fix it on the next update.

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