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disable date in calendar 2 años 1 semana antes #238149

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Hi! I need to disable specific days (holidays) in my responsive calendar.. I mean to make it unclickable...
how can i do it?
before i used this method
disable: [ [2018,4,29],[2018,4,30],[2018,4,31] ],
but it doent works anymore..
some idea how can i fix it?

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disable date in calendar 2 años 6 días antes #238180

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Here is a solution that will disable both all wanted specific dates (holidays).

This is an example of code that will disable tomorrow, 2019-10-20 and 2019-10-11:
echo '<script type="text/javascript">

JQuery(document).ready(function () {

format: "yyyy-dd-mm",
selectMonths: true,
firstDay: 1,

disable: [ [2019,9,18], [2019,9,20], [2019,9,11]] ,
onSet: function() {JQuery("#ff_elem228").val(this.get("value"));}
NOTE: Please make sure to replace both instances of ff_elem228 with the correct ID of responsive calendar element in your form.

Also, it is important to note that, when you define specific dates to be disabled, months are counted from 0 do 11. So for today it will be [2019,9,18], not [2019,10,18] .

Let me know whether you have managed to set this for your form and whether it is working as you wanted.



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