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SharpBox - assign only on home 2 años 5 meses antes #236206

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I bought the template "DiggaSport".
I am very fascinated of the SharpBox. And I could manage it to appear on my website.
But how can I apply it only one "home"?
On the other pages I would like to have other slideshows - without SharpBox.

I added the html-code for the SharpBox to the "index.php" of the template.
But with that it will appear on all sites. I tried to make different copies of the template and assigned them to different menu-items. But it seams that the "index.php" is always the same. If I change it, it is changed on all templates.
So how can I manage this?

On the demo-site I found another html-code for the pages not home. They have the class "rt-block ct-small-showcase". But I don't know how I can do this ...

Sorry ... and thank you for your assistance - Markus

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