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Ask some BUG questions, upload control is useless! 2 años 3 meses antes #236978

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Hello, Dear Administrator. First of all, thank you for your reply to my last post. Now, I have encountered new problems. I need your help urgently. Thank you again!

First, I used the BreezingForms form in the ContentBuilder component, and now I have a problem with the following:

1. I have a BreezingForms form on the Content Builder page. Then in this form, I have five controls for uploading files. Now I choose five pictures to correspond to five controls respectively. Then when I click the upload button, I get stuck and the pictures can't be uploaded. Then I find that I use one. It's OK to upload pictures by uploading file controls, but now I have 5 upload controls, and the phenomenon of upload card death appears. As shown in the figure below, this is the first problem.

2. Then I also found a problem that my upload control can't be clicked on the ContentBuilder page. That is to say, I used the BreezingForms form accessed by the ContentBuilder component. The button of the upload control on this form clicked without response, as shown in the figure below. This is the second problem.

3. I also insert three image upload controls in the form, and then upload three pictures. The results show that the thumbnails of the pictures are invalid in the ContentBuilder page. The specific screenshots are below. Please also ask the administrator to reply after seeing them. Thank the administrator, and pay you a high tribute!

The problem is more urgent, but also please see the administrator can reply, thank you very much, salute the administrator team!

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