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Hey, How are you all?
I'm Rabi an article writer. I'm confused in some questions which thoroughly came in my mind. I want to ask is content builder work like an AI(artificial intelligence) tool. As I have used AI content one of my site www.kayakidea.com / it goes hit by the recent update of google. Your suggestions!


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Using content builder you are enabled to preserve the content structure by using layout templates. You may also use it to implement catalogs, image galleries, communities, downloads, etc.

In Content builder everything is showed as view.
Content items (atricle) are created by view, e.g. in list view you can create a new article.

ContentBuilder helps to collect data, stores it as records and provides functionality and interfaces to do something useful – for instance creating well structured content.

Every view is organized as a list and a details page for each record. The details page is not meant to be the content itself, but a view can create a content item based on a record.

Also, you can use it as integration with breezingforms.

Each records submitted in breezingforms can be shown in content builder list view.

Maybe it is the best that you test it by yourself, and play there :)

If you need more help, let me know

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