A odd glitch in content builder... 9 meses 2 semanas antes #272645

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I have had a glitch in content builder since I started using it. I thought maybe it was just a bad installfor a older joomla ver. I lived with it. It is a bit annoying. I did a new install and found out the same glitch was still there.

I have a BUTTON in the html code that calls for a php processing file to create a letter.
The button makes a URL data line. works great.

The glitch or issue is. After saving it it changes a piece of the code. If I was to edit it again.

So the change that happens is this.

¬es= will change to "¬es=" after it saves it.. It will save properly but when I goto view this. It will display it this way. It is annoying because if I change any code then save it will save that Display error as the new code. So I usually edit in a different editor and I need to fix that glitch.

Example code clip.

" <a href="images/spine.php?name={certid:value}&Lname={cardholder:value}&patient={Patient:value}&servicesdate={dateofservice:value}&prenumber={precertnumber:value}&diag={diagnose:value}&address1={address1:value}&address2={address2:value}&city={city:value}&state={state:value}&zipcode={zipcode:value}&facility={facility:value}&procedure={Procedure:value}&proceduretype={procedure_location:value}&subject={subject:value}&therapy={therapy Begins}&lengthofstay={elos:value}&maternity={maternity:value}&deliverytype={deliverytype:value}&fax={Fax:value}&restofaddress={restofaddress:value}&dob={dob:value}&dos={dateofservice:value}¬es={paragraph1:value}" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">
<button class="button">Spine Print</button>"

JUST ANOTHER NOTE.. IT did it in this editor also.. "& notes =" changed to that funky glitch. The one in blue doesn't say that. sais notes in the editor

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A odd glitch in content builder... 9 meses 2 semanas antes #272663

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do you use integration between BE and CB?

Which version of PHP do you use?


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