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Info: I'm using a component called SimpleCaddy (small shop function) and when I press the button to send the order I get the "Could not instantiate mail function." but only on my webhost one.com, it works on other webhosts... And Simplecaddy use Joomla's own mailing function like Breezingform I asume...

Simplecaddy mailcode:

$mailer =& JFactory::getMailer();

// Build e-mail message format
$mailer->setSender(array($mainframe->getCfg('mailfrom'), $mainframe->getCfg('fromname')));
$mailer->setSubject( stripslashes( $emailsubject));
$mailer->setBody($emailbody );

$emailcopies=$cfg->get('email_copies'); // the complete address list is already trimmed
$aemailcopies=explode("\n", $emailcopies);
// Add recipients
// add the copies
foreach ($aemailcopies as $key=>$emailaddress) {
$mailer->addRecipient(trim($emailaddress)); // trim each address from any \n ...
// Send the Mail
$rs = $mailer->Send();
return true;

Breezingforms mailing function works perfectly so can you tell me where I can find the code that do the mail submit?

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To me it still looks like you have not configured your e-mail server correctly. But if you verified that the standard Joomla contact form works than you might be right to look somewhere else.

Anyway, the e-mail is send from a function sendEmailNotification in the file components/com_facileforms/facileforms.process.php.

TheMuffinMan is the one that can validate my previous statement because he knows the code much better.

Joomla 1.5.18 | BreezingForms 1.7.1 build 728 | Eclipse 3.4.2 | Subversion 1.6.2 | Apache 2.2.11

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