J4/PHP8: Manage Forms => Packages not selectable 4 meses 3 días antes #278057

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When using BF in J3/PHP8 environment, package(s) can be selected in Manage Forms tab after which form can be edited, deleted, and so on.

Under J4/PHP8, packages are visible, but when selected nothing happens.

Generated code is different:
J3 / PHP8:
<select id="pkgsel" name="pkgsel" class="inputbox" size="1" onchange="submitbutton('');">
<option value=""> - Select from list -  </option>
<option value="NewForms">NewForms </option>
<option value="QuickModeForms" selected="">QuickModeForms </option>

J4 / PHP8:
<select id="pkgsel" name="pkgsel" class="inputbox" size="1">
<option value="" selected=""> - Select from list -  </option>
<option value="NewForms">NewForms </option>

In addition, when clicking 'New' button, nothing happens.
After debugging in XAMMP/J4/PHP8/XDEBUG environment noticed that at some point in time variable $task has value "quickmode" instead of "new" after which incorrect function is called.

As I have a clean BF installation on J4/PHP8, initially it did not have any forms. I am able to import forms using packages created with J3/PHP8, however, none of these forms can be made visible, let alone edited as there is not default package selected. I guess I have to find out how to set this in the DB and link all forms to that one package.

Still waiting for the final solution for J4...

Regards, Ger

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J4/PHP8: Manage Forms => Packages not selectable 4 meses 2 días antes #278064

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I will come back to you, currently, I have a test version, but I noticed that there some things are missed too

Will check again, and come back to you


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