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BreezingForms (free) Update Log 1 año 9 meses antes #246063

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Build 939 (joomla3 and joomla4):

+ added Joomla 4 version of BreezingForms Free for download

+ ff_validate_date: this new validation is more flexible than the static one. You can basically now define any date format and validate against it.

# Restored calendar button translations. They got accidentally removed to show the calendar icon instead.

Version 1.9.1 build 940 (Joomla4):

+ ported over all new features and fixes from the joomla3 version since build 937

+ adding header and footer templates for PDF attachments and exports.
If you already had BF installed and you need headers and/or footer,
please copy the the the header and footer files in /administrator/components/com_breezingforms/pdftpl/
into /media/breezingforms/pdftpl/ and adjust them for your needs.

+ added fixed Ribbon blue and orange themes in the "additional_themes" folder

# Fixed a telegram connection issue.
For group chats: until further notice please keep visible history for new users off in your telegram group's settings.
We are trying to fix an issue with this in the near future.

# fixed an issue with the textarea element when set to HTML and unencoded linebreaks.

# fixed recaptcha appearing twice, depending on recaptcha settings.

+ added change event triggers for special visibility rules so they trigger concurring regular visibility rules

- removed all classic recaptcha references as it is EOL

# fixed the script action "ff_validate_submit_ajax" so it won't collide with one page forms no longer (requires manual update of the action in the Scripts Manager!)

# restored translatable element properties that have been accidentally disabled in previous versions. These properties were rarely used but should stay on nevertheless.

# fixed summarize elements to leave the label visible in bootstrap based theming if "hide row if empty" is enabled

# fixed summarize element staying hidden if clicking "prev page", add a field value and then "next page" again.

# now clearing the joomla update cache upon entering the update key in BF config to prevent confusion on new updates being signalled
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