Once the BreezingForms component is installed, click on the Configuration link to access the configuration settings.


    • NOTE: some of the configuration options below are only visible if "Enable Legacy Modes" is checked
    • Use live site in configuration.php
      If you select "Yes" here, it will force the form to use the $live_site variable in the php.ini file; however, it is deprecated, so in most circumstances, you should leave this set to "No."

    • Run backend preview in an iframe
      If you select "Yes" here, true WYSIWYG with the front-end stylesheet will be enabled.

    • Preview window grid size
      This field applies only to forms created in Classic Mode. If you would rather not use the grid, there is an option to turn it off while in Classic Mode.

    • Use WYSIWYG editor for text elements
      The WYSIWYG editor is selectable in Joomla's global configuration options. On this screen, the option should remain set at "No."

    • Compress JavaScript and HTML
      If "Yes" is selected, compressing the JavaScript and HTML will reduce the traffic from the server to the browser. However, if you are trying to debug the code, you will need to set this option to "No." (Remember to revert the option back to "Yes" when debugging is complete.)

    • Get provider with GetHostByAddr
      If you want to know the Hostname of the user filling in the form, then select "Yes" here. The information will then be sent to you via the Email notification's header, as well as being stored in the database. Choosing this option could result in a heavier server load and slower response time, so unless there is a specific need to get the Hostname, it is recommended that the setting be kept at "No."

    • Number of lines for textareas
      With this field, you can define for yourself how large the textareas in the advanced options should be. It applies to the sections where you can add your custom code (scripts and pieces) and descriptions in the form settings.

    • Limit descriptions in listviews to XX characters.
      This field defines the size of the textarea in the Scripts and Pieces Library that shows the description of each script and piece.

    • Default Email notification address
      In this field, please enter the default Email address you wish to use. If you wish to add more than one Email address, separate them with semi-colons, like this: EmailAddress1;EmailAddress2;EmailAddress3 The first Email address will become the 'REPLY-TO' address, and it, plus any additional Email addresses listed after it, will receive a copy of the form but only if the MAIL RECIPIENTS field in the form properties for a specific form is left blank.

    • Path for {ff_images} or {ff_uploads} substitute
      Unless you have changed the default directory name for BreezingForms, this should be left as is.


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