Before you can embed a form within an article, you need to install the BreezingForms plugin, and then enable it in your Joomla application's plugin manager. Once enabled, it can be embedded into an article using the syntax described below. 

Note: If the plugin has been enabled and your syntax correctly entered as noted below, but your article is still not displaying, you might need to go to Extensions > Plugin Manager > BreezingForms and change the "use iFrame" option in the plugin parameters from YES to NO (or vice versa).

Build 730 & Higher

Pattern syntax:

{BreezingForms : formname, page, border, urlparams, suffix, AllowFormEdit, RemoveExistingSubmissions}


Note: the variables shown in italics in the syntax above are OPTIONAL. Please see examples below for proper use based on your needs.


Parameter description:

BreezingForms: This tag must be present literally and in exact upper/lowercase.

formname: The name of the form to include, also in exact upper/lowercase.

page: The starting page number. Defaults to 1 when omitted.

border: 0=no border, 1=with border. Defaults to 1 when omitted.

urlparams: Parameters to pass in URL style (no commas or closing brackets allowed).

suffix: Suffix appended to all CSS class names in the form.

AllowFormEdit: 0=no, 1=yes. * See Note Below! *

RemoveExistingSubmissions: 0=no, 1=yes. * See Note Below! *


* NOTE: In order to use the AllowFormEdit and RemoveExistingSubmissions parameters, you must include definitions for ALL of the available parameters. Also, choosing to remove existing submissions is NOT recommended, so this setting should be set to 0 in most circumstances.




{BreezingForms : formname}

{BreezingForms : MyVeryForm,2}

{BreezingForms : AnotherForm, 1,0,&ff_param_xy=123&ff_param_foo=bar}

{BreezingForms : testform,,,&ff_param_foo=bar,mysuffix}



Pay attention with the following one. Basically it will work, but when using a WYSIWYG editor, it will insert linebreaks as <br/> or &nbsp; and the bot will no longer recognize the pattern:

     BreezingForms :


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