Okay, I've created the form. Now what? How do I make it show up on my site?

There are three ways to get the forms onto a page:

  1. Link directly to the form via the Menu. Click on Menus > Main Menu (or whichever menu you want it in), and then click on New. Choose BreezingForms as the menu type, and then click on 'Add a Form' when it appears. You will then be taken to the regular menu item screen.

In the parameters section, enter the form name EXACTLY AS SHOWN (including case sensitivity) in the NAME column on the Manage Forms screen. Fill in the other details as necessary, and then click SAVE.

  1. Install and enable the BreezingForms plugin and embed the form within an article. For instructions on how to do that, see:

Install Plugin: 

Breezing Forms Documentation - Install the plugin article

Embed Form in Article:

Breezing Forms Documentation - Embed Form in Article

  1. Display the form in a module position. To do so, install and enable the BreezingForms module, then go to Extensions > Module Manager and click on NEW. Select "BreezingForms" and then click next. Then, in the parameters section, enter the form name EXACTLY AS SHOWN (including case sensitivity) in the NAME column on the Manage Forms screen. Fill in the other details as necessary, and then click SAVE.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: As soon as you want to publish more than one form on a single page you will need to put the forms into IFrames. This option is located in the menu item, plugin or module settings!

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