Sometimes you will face problems while installing the component with the Extension installer. In this case please try the alternative method described below.


Occasionally, Joomla's Extension Manager will fail to install the component. If that happens, please take these steps instead:

  1. Unzip the initial BreezingForms zip file (breezingforms_*version* (i.e. Once unzipped, you should have a folder which contains the following:
  1. Now unzip the com_breezingforms_*version*.zip file (i.e. Once unzipped, you should have a folder which contains the following:

  1. Next, login to your server via FTP or through cPanel's file management system and navigate to the /tmp/ directory in your Joomla root. Double-click on it, and then create a new directory which we'll call bf_install for the purpose of this example.


  1. Once created, double click on the bf_install folder to open it.
  2. In the left-hand directory tree in your FTP tool or cPanel screen, navigate to the folder where you unzipped the com_breezingforms_*version*.zip file and double-click on it. Then select all of the folders and files in that window for upload into your/tmp/bf_install/folder.


Your /tmp/bf_install folder on the right-hand (Remote System) side should now contain all of the files and folders shown in the left-hand (Local System) side of the screen above. 

  1. Log in to your Joomla! administrator and go to Extensions > Install / Uninstall.


  1. In the Install From Directory field, specify the path to the /tmp/bf_temp/ directory that you just created.                                          Note: The text below is only an example. You will likely need to include the full path to your /tmp/bf_install folder. Then click on the INSTALL button.




To complete the installation, go to the menu Components > BreezingForms > Configuration.


First Time Installation: If you are installing BreezingForms for the first time, in the Select database install/update mode, choose "New install: Create tables (drops existing tables)."

Reinstalling or Upgrading: If you are reinstalling or upgrading BreezingForms, then in the Select database install/update mode,choose "Reinstalling 1.8.5 (Table structures are up-to-date)." 

Click on Continue to complete installation.

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