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I'm not getting the form embedded, just some text in squiggle brackets.



Question: My Breezing Form is not being embedded in the product page. All I see are some squiggle brackets with the form name inside. How do I fix this?


This happens if you haven't installed and enabled the Crosstec BreezingForms content plugin.

This plugin comes with the package you receive when you purchase BreezingForms from Crosstec, NOT our extension. The plugin is required for the integration to work.

Look in the zip file(s)  you downloaded from Crosstec and be sure to install the file called plg_breezingforms_*version*.zip. Once you enable this, the form should show up in your product page.


Help! When I submit the form, I get a 404 error!


Client question: I used the Form Submit code in your documentation, but once I fill out the form and click on the submit button, I get an error:

Not Found

The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server.



This is caused by your website homepage being in a sub-directory (as is common during development).

For example, if instead of, your entire website is located at, then you will need to alter the Code Snippet provided in Step One.

Change the instances of /index.php with your subdirectory information, /<subdirectory>/index.php and it should work.


How do I translate the text strings?


Question: I need to support multi-language on my site. How do I translate the text strings used by the extension?

The only language that is directly affected by the Breezing Forms Custom Fields extension are the following text strings:


The custom field trigger title text as described in Step Two:  It is very important that you do NOT change the custom field title or translate it!  It is critical for the functionality that this text string match exactly in both plugins in order to embed the Breezing Form in the right VM2 product(s). Therefore, if you have a multi-language site, you should simply hide this text string with CSS. To hide this from the front end, add this code to your template's CSS file:

.product-fields-title {
visibility: hidden;

Please note that if you try to use other VM2 Custom Fields on the same page and use the CSS to hide the title, there is no way for VM2 to differentiate them, and all of the titles will be hidden when using this code.

If you must...


If you really must display this field and translate it, there is a hack described in the VirtueMart forums you might try. Please note that this is not a recommended or supported solution, and we cannot help debug the issue if you do this hack and then experience problems. See:;topicseen


Bottom line message text as listed under the Form Handling parameters in Step Three: You can leave this field blank if not needed. If you would like to use a message in multiple languages, enter "PLG_VMBF_LAST_LINE" in the plugin configuration, and edit your language file(s) as needed to translate this text. 


Reset Form link text as listed under the Form Handling parameters in Step Three: Enter "PLG_VMBF_RESET_FORM_NAME" in the plugin configuration and edit your language file(s) to translate the string.

Edit Form link text as listed under the Form Handling parameters in Step Three: Enter "PLG_VMBF_EDIT_FORM_NAME" in the plugin configuration and edit your language file(s) to translate the string.


New price is text as listed under the Form Handling parameters in Step Three: Enter "PLG_VMBF_NEW_PRICE" in the plugin configuration and edit your language file(s) to translate the string.


Total Options Selected Label shows up for the subtotal of any pricing adjustments. If you are not adjusting price with any of your options, this field will not show. If you need to translate it, use the language file and enter your preferred wording for the "TOTAL_FOR_OPTIONS_SELECTED_IS" field


Our extension language file is located here:  <joomla root>/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_vmcustom_vmbfcustomplugin.ini


Any other language is handled either within VirtueMart or the Breezing Form component. Please consult their documentation for assistance with translations inside the form or elsewhere on the product page.


Pricing isn't working (non-USD currency users)


Question: I've checked all of my setup but pricing still isn't working (if non USD currency user).


When entering override prices or pricing adjustments, be sure not to use commas in your syntax.

Remember, you're dealing with math that will add, subtract or override the value as entered, and therefore only decimal points are valid in the syntax.

This can be a common error when dealing with European or other currencies where the comma and period are used differently than with USD.


For example, NOT this -

0;Ja (+EUR 4,95);2|+4,95


Instead, use this -

0;Ja (+EUR 4,95);2|+4.95


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