Since BreezingForms 1.8.7 build 880, there is a new feature called OnePage forms, which is accessible in the QuickMode (the default mode of BreezingForms).

OnePage forms, as the name says, displays your form on a single page but instead of switching pages, it scrolls through them and sends the submission in an Ajax-like fashion. Check our demo page to see how it looks like with our new La Paloma form theme.

There is also a new theme that we developed that fits nicely to OnePage forms, called "La Paloma". This theme is working in the bootstrap theming enging, only. Further down below, we will explain in detail how to install the theme.

Activating the OnePage forms feature

  1. If not yet happened, upgrade or install the latest BreezingForms full version.
  2. Create a QuickMode form (default mode) as usual.
  3. In the form root => advanced => choose the Bootstrap theming engine and enable the OnePage forms feature.
  4. Optional: install the new La Paloma form theme.

Installing the La Paloma theme

  1. Locate the La Paloma theme in the main download zip's folder "additional-themes".
  2. Copy the folder "la_paloma" in your Joomla! installation under /media/breezingforms/themes-bootstrap/ (please don't mix it up with the normal themes folder).
  3. In your form's root => advanced => select the "la_paloma" theme and save your form.
  4. Test your form on your site, the result should be looking similar to our OnePage demo form here.

Though we developed the La Paloma theme along with the OnePage forms feature, the theme will also work with regular QuickMode multistep forms and the other way. You can also use the "default" theme which will then pick your template's css (and its form styles) but still providing the same OnePage form effects.

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