How to create scrolling OnePage forms

Since BreezingForms 1.8.7 build 880, there is a new feature called OnePage forms, which is accessible in the QuickMode (the default mode of BreezingForms).

OnePage forms, as the name says, displays your form on a single page but instead of switching pages, it scrolls through them and sends the submission in an Ajax-like fashion. Check our demo page to see how it looks like with our new La Paloma form theme.

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Telegram Messenger & BreezingForms


What is Telegram?

Telegram is a popular and secure mobile phone and desktop messenger similar to WhatsApp but with a bunch of more useful features, especially when it comes to collaboration and sharing. Telegram supports regular chats, group chats as well as bots.

Our Telegram integration lets you create your own bot that is accepting your form submissions and forwarding them right to you or your groups. It supports upload forwarding (photos, videos, documents) as well as our regular PDF, CSV and XML exports.

If you didn't install Telegram yet, it's time to do so. You will be surprised how many of your contacts are already using it:

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