How do radio groups work? Is there a way to create those groups in Easymode and Classicmode?

Radio groups are best used when you want to display all the options at one time, and allow the user to select only one of them. For a radio group, the format to layout the options is as follows:


0;Label;Dabatase Value


1;Label;Database Value

If you put a 0 at the front, then the radio button will be blank. If you put a 1 at the front, then that option will, by default, be marked as the choice. For example, if you want to offer a user a choice of one color out of a group, you might code it as follows:

0;I like all colors so it doesn't matter; Any color

Your options will appear in the list in the same order as you enter them in the 'Group' field. If you want to change the order, just move them around within that field. You can also choose to check 'Wrap each element', which would force each choice to a separate line in your form.

Easymode and Classicmode

As you already mentioned radio groups are not available as native elements in these editor modes. Here you need to do a little trick:

  1. create as many radio buttons as needed
  2. give all these radios the same Name (not label)
  3. Save and test it, it should work



The database value (after the second semicolon) must not contain any special characters except for underscores, hyphens, or spaces. Use of special characters may cause problems when displaying the Form and issues in the Database.

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