Is it possible to jump between pages depending on a selectlist value?

You can jump across your form pages using the native function ff_switchpage(). This example will show you how to do this depending on the selected value from a select list element. The action will be fired when a custom button is clicked on. First create a new select list named switchlist with this List values:

0;Page 2;2
0;Page 3;3
0;page 4;4

Create a new custom button, for example with the name mybutton, value Jump!, and create a custon Actionscript in it advanced options with this code:

function ff_mybutton_action(element, action)
     switch (action)
          case 'click':
          switch(ff_getElementByName('switchlist').value )
               case '2':
               case '3':
               case '4':
                } break; 
           } // switch 
  } // ff_mybutton_action





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