Problems with emails you'll find anywhere else. We know that every extension developer frequently and often has issues with Emails. This is NOT a problem of BreezingForms but a problem of the different setups of Joomla installations, server setups, spam detection and so on.

What you need to make sure to have in your setup to rule out other issues: 

- In the Joomla configuration, always use a default email with the same domain part as the site is running on 

For example, if the domain of the site is, then use an email address like

- In the Joomla configuration, try the phpmailer first 

- In BreezingForms => Configuration => do the same with the default notification address as described above (domain part)

- If you need to use custom reply-tos (mailback as sender) in BreezingForms, check the results with the phpmailer setup.

If it doesn't do it, try SMTP.

- If SMTP doesn't do it, ask your hosting company why it forces to reply to always to be equal to the sender (BreezingForms doesn't touch the Sender because this would lead to false-positive spam detections on the receiving side, but strictly uses addReplyTo() as of the Joomla! Mail Api, which more mail servers let through) and ask them to change that behavior if possible.

- Always check different email addresses when testing maibacks, not just one address like a random Gmail one. Also check spam folders. Especially Gmail doesn't like altered reply to addresses.


Especially the part with sender address is a frequent problem across every extension. Well, some say they don't have any problems with extension X or extension Y, while others do. It depends on so many things that Joomla itself all can't cover. In the end it is our job to cover the problematic cases.

BreezingForms itself is strictly using the Joomla! API regarding emails, everything from the setup up to sending, so the problems are usually at the Joomla or server setup end. That is indeed our fault, because we are not using our own email  Api like others do. What we gonna do in the future is to carry our own specialized email Api with BreezingForms to reduce the amount of conflicts, getting around usual email issues that Joomla can't cover.

However, this will cause BreezingForms' installation zip to exceed the 2MB border, that unfortunately most php default installations have. So we are in the process of removing things that we think need to be removed. These are the Easymode and the Classicmode. Both modes will be available as separate legacy plugins. There will be other larger changes for the upcoming version 1.8.5 that address these and other important things.

Until then, if you encounter Email problems, do yourself a favor and ask our support as you will sooner or later run into the same issues again anyway for any extension.


Hope that clarifies things and you notice that we do care.


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