How to handle pricing?



Questions about how to handle pricing adjustments and overrides


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How do I configure pricing adjustments for my options?


Question: How do I make some of my Breezing Forms options increase (or decrease) the VirtueMart product price?

Answer: You have to add the price adjustment(s) in the Breezing Form for the appropriate options. Then our extension can pick these prices up.

Only default currency will be used, so be sure to enter your price adjustment values with that in mind.

After each Breezing Form option, use a separator and then + or - the price value. For example, assuming USD

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Integration Tips & Tricks

Helpful information for integrating Breezing Forms and VirtueMart 2



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Can I embed multiple Breezing Forms into a single VM2 product?


Question: I have two forms and would like both of them to show up inside one product. Can I do this?

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Presales Questions

Help me decide which Breezing Forms & VirtueMart integration extension I should use.

Question: Polished Geek has several Breezing Form & VirtueMart integration extensions to choose from.  How do I decide which one I need?

Answer: At client request over the years, we've developed several complex integrations between Crosstec Breezing Forms and VirtueMart.

And they just keep getting better and better! So we know it can be confusing sometimes to know exactly which one to use for your situation.

Here is some helpful information to guide you to using the right extension for your needs.

The extensions are presented in order starting with the latest, with the most features, to older versions with less features:

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