Breezingforms - Online Documentation

Breezingforms is a complete customizable solution for your Joomla!® and Wordpress® powered website. 

Its mission is simple: create a amazing form with little to no experience in coding. If you want absolute power and flexibility, Breezingforms is right for you, too.


A form editor for the non-programmer. Structure centric, Managed Themes (includes a theming engine) => for people who want the job done as quick as possible.


A form editor for designers which allows more flexible element arrangements with Drag and Drop, HTML templates. Actions like paging or submitting need to configured manually.


A form editor for technicians and developers who want absolute freedom to design their forms. Drag and Drop, Pixel based aligning of elements, but actions like paging or submitting need to be configured manually also.

Not every mode serves all features and it is not possible to switch between the modes. So please have a look at the linked feature matrix below to see which category fits you best.There are a lot more features integrated but these are the most important and are divided per form creation editor. 

Breezingforms for Wordpress® only supports Quickmode!



First you should start with these videos and tutorials for creating your forms with BreezingForms. For extensive in-depth questions or tasks which are not coverd in the Online Documentation, we suggest to use the club forums or free forums.

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