In this article, we'll explain how to install BreezingCommerce, including essential BreezingCommerce plugins (called BC Plugins in the following) and Joomla! modules.














1 - Obtaining BreezingCommerce

You may obtain BC in 2 different ways:

  1. By purchasing a membership and accessing the full version. Download will be available in the "Your Account" menu at
  2. By downloading the non-membership lite version from here

The difference between full and lite consists of different sets of included BC Plugins and Joomla! modules.

Despite of that the installation process and features of the component are equal across full and lite.

You won't need to install all of the BC Plugins listed below but you will need a minimum to finish the checkout process as customer:

A shipping plugin and a payment plugin. Further down below, I'll explain how to install the PayPal and Flatrate Shipping BC Plugins.

2 - BC Plugins and Joomla! modules only available with the full version:

  • Filter Module
  • BreezingForms Integration
  • EU-Vat deduction
  • Stripe Credit Card plugin
  • Cash On Delivery plugin
  • Sage Pay plugin
  • WorldPay plugin
  • Availability
  • Currency based prices
  • Volume based prices
  • Maxmind user location
  • "Tycho" theme

3 - BC Plugins and Joomla! modules shared by both, full and lite:

  • Category module
  • Currency selector
  • Minicart
  • Product image zoom
  • Bank wire payment
  • PayPal standard payments
  • Characteristics display plugin
  • Flatrate shipping
  • Sample theme plugin "marty"

4 - BC Plugins Vs. Joomla! modules (aka Joomla! extensions)

BC Plugins are specialized plugins for quick plugin creation using zero-config methods and are only executed within the store's context (e.g. payments).

It is important to know that BC Plugins aren't installable in Joomla!'s Extension Manager but in BreezingCommerce => Plugins.

Trying to install a BC Plugin in Joomla!'s Extension Manager will fail.

You can recognize BC Plugins by the filename structure bc_plugin_*type*_*name*.zip, while Joomla! extension files usually start with com_, mod_ or plg_.

5 - Installing BreezingCommerce Using Joomla!'s Install From Web

  • In Joomla! go to Extensions => Manage => Install.
  • From the left category bar in the Install From Web tab, click on the "e-Commerce" category, then "shopping cart".
  • Locate Breezing Commerce and click on it.
  • Click on "Install" in the details and confirm the installation.
  • Wait for the install to succeed.
  • Important: In order to have a fully working shop, you want to add payment and shipping plugins. These are located in the main download zip of BreezingCommerce and require a manual install in BreezingCommerce => Plugins. More about this at the bottom of this tutorial.

6 - Installing BreezingCommerce Using Joomla!'s Upload Package File (download Zip from Crosstec)

If you are new to Joomla!, please consider to read the docs for installing extensions in Joomla! available here.

After downloading the main package file containing "UNZIP_FIRST", please do so and unzip the file on your computer.

You'll see the following directory structure:

  • the installable Joomla! component
  • modules: contains installable Joomla! modules (e.g. filter module)
  • breezingcommerce_plugins: contains installable BreezingCommerce plugins (e.g. paypal payments)

Log into your Joomla! administration panel and head over to Extensions => Manage => Tab: Upload Package File.

Upload the file and wait until the Joomla! installer signals a successfull install.

If the install fails. Please read the error message carefully. Common issues are a too low upload limit in PHP (should be min. 3MB) or drastically limited MySQL resources in cheap hosting environments. If you can't locate the issue, you're invited to ask in our support forums.

If the installation succeeds, you can choose BreezingCommerce from the top component menu in the Joomla! admin.

7 - Installing Essential BC Plugins

After the component has been installed you can in theory start right away but you will need at least one payment and shipping plugin for the visitor to finish the checkout.

Please locate the 2 files and in the breezingcommerce_plugins folder and reapeat the following procedure for each of them:

  • In BreezingCommerce, browse to Plugins and click Install at the top menu bar.
  • Pick the BC Plugin you want to install and click "Upload and Install"
  • Publish the plugin to activate it
  • Edit the plugin by entering into its details

8 - BC Plugin: PayPal Settings

Edit the settings in the administration of the BC Plugin as follows:

  1. Check "Test Account" if you want to test payments and use PayPal's sandbox
  2. Enter the merchant/sandbox email address that is associated with your PayPal account
  3. Check "IPN" if you want PayPal to notify your webserver about successful payments in the background (requires additional setup in your PayPal account)
  4. Token: required for any payment and can be obtained from within your PayPal account

If everything is entered correctly, the payment option will appear in the end of the checkout process.

9 - BC Plugin: Flatrate Shipping Settings

Edit the settings in the administration of the BC Plugin as follows:

  1. In the Plugin Settings top bar, click "New".
  2. Add a name for the shipping
  3. Optionally add a product tax class (usually "shipping product tax class")
  4. Add a rate (net price based on the default currency)
  5. In the field "From total net" add a 0 for your first rule to signal from what cart value this rule should fire (and the amount of "To total net" in your next rule)
  6. In the field "To total net" add an amount to what cart value this rule should fire.
  7. Repeat 2-6 for the amount of desired rules and set a zero in the very last "To total net" to mark the end of the rules (from here it may go to "infinity")

After successfully setting up your rules. The plugin will try to determine the best shipping option based on your rules. If some rules match, then the user may choose between them in the checkout process, otherwise the matching rule will be pre-selected.

If you only need one rule, just add one zero to zero rule and this rule will always apply. Prevent yourself from having gaps within your rules, otherwise the user won't be able to proceed in the checkout process.

Further BC Plugin installs work in a similar fashion and are subject to the requirements of your store.

10 - Example Joomla! Module Install: Minicart

You surely would like to present your visitors a small representation of their carts somewhere on the site (usually at the top of a page). This feature is available with the Minicart Joomla! module. We're using modules here since they may run outside of the BreezingCommerce context and are an essential part of a store.

  • Locate the file in the modules folder
  • Upload it in Joomla! => Extensions => Manage => Tab: Upload Package File.
  • Browse to Extensions => Modules
  • Enter the Minicart settings, select a module position based on the available ones for your active template
  • In the Menu Assignment tab, choose "on all page" (default is "on no pages")
  • Publish the module
  • Check your website's front page. It should show "Your cart is empty" in the selected module position

There more settings for this module that will be explained in other parts of the documention.

Now you know how to install the different types of extensions and how they are playing together.

In the next chapter we will give you an overview about the BreezingCommerce administration panel.




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