Quite lost with the documentation :)

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Chabi01 created the topic: Quite lost with the documentation :)

Hi everybody :)

I am testing BreezingCommerce to see what I could do with :)

I'm trying to see if i can use it for an old project but i have some issues to achieve this :)
(note : yes, i read the doc and the pages !!! Also the page on how to manage paid files and memberships !!! ;)

So, First, i want to try "membership" access.
For this, i follow the guide and create 2 virtual products : member1-student and member2-teacher
Then, i create 2 groups : student and teacher.
I change in each product the advanced option "group" to link to the correct group.
To see then how it works, i create a content but then : as i have create a group (nested for each 2 extra groups to "registered" and not a group with rights, i cannot set the rights for the article to these groups (normal doctor ?)
Then, for the test, i put the price to 0 for these 2 groups to make a test : i "buy" a student access, and all is ok to the end (i can see my invoice) but :
- where can i access to the content of this membership access ?
- Why i cant see anything ?
(note : for the test, i have create an entry of each link in a menu for BreezingCommerce).

Second thing, i dont find out how to create this (with or without membership), i explain :
I want to create a page (a product in fact) where the person can buy some PDFs linked to the product (i could talk about videos or ressources, it is the same).
Then i have a product : "The Course to learn PHP" where in this course :
- The PHP reference book : 10€
- The First video : 5 €
- The second video : 5 €
- The third video : 5 €
- the support for 2 hours : 10 €
So one product is in fact is composed of many differents part in a whole package. Each part can be bought separatly (in this example for 35 € if the visitor buy all one by one) or if wanted bought as a full package with a reduced price (unstead of 35 €, the visitor pay only 20 € if i buy all)
Note : dont stop on these amount, that's only to explain :)

So, i did find out how to create a "package" composed by all the "sub products".
Maybe i'm wrong in the way i want to do this, but i dont see how to achieve this with BreezingCommerce...

If you could help me on this, i would be grateful :)
Final note : my goal here is to "test" what i can do. If this is not possible, no bad feeling ! This is also not "an emergency" if you dont have time to answer me.

Have a nice day everybody :)
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Chabi01 replied the topic: Quite lost with the documentation :)

I continue to think since the first message.. I try to find out a way to "make a package" of products selectable in a single product as explain.
Not really successful for now... If i add the product, i have all the part and not each possible part of the "package"..
Is this at least possible with this version of BreezingCommerce or do i have to wait ?

To give you more : since Virtuemart does not include natively to sell digital products and DigiStore is buggy (even if this is a good solution when we was with J2.5), i try to find a reliable solution to do this again, BreezingCommerce surprise me for the easy management (compared in example to other solution) but i dont see how to manage a product as a package of product..)...

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