Migration of forms from one Website to another

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rexmusic created the topic: Migration of forms from one Website to another

I'd like to migrate a whole form (with or without corresponding records) to another Website. Is this possible? How to handle?

Kann ich ein Formular mit oder ohne dazugehörige Einträge von einer Website zu einer anderen ex- und importieren? Wie macht man das?
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mihaela replied the topic: Migration of forms from one Website to another


You can do it as follows. First, you need to create a package containing that form that you wish to migrate as explained here crosstec.org/en/support/online-documenta...ted/94-packages.html .

Then you need to install that package on the new site as explained in that same article.

Let me know whether this works as you wanted.


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ante replied the topic: Migration of forms from one Website to another


Found this thread and thought I could continue on it instead of creating a new.

I am about to make major updates to forms currently in our live environment. So I followed the steps in the guide to make a copy of the two forms I have in prod, then uploaded XML to dev environment.
A few things happend now to the newly uploaded forms in dev:
1. Script ID changed from 1 & 2, to 3 & 4.
2. All previous records that was available in DEV are gone, (and no records followed from prod).
3. In the frontend I get 404 when trying to access the form. I then tried to check the Contentbuilder View for this form and even thou the view is in the list it says "Error, View not found"

So now I guess you understand that my BF setup is configured to work with CB and my question is therefor, is there any other migration method that needs to be considered when we have BF and CB together?

This will be an issue when I am done in DEV and ready to move form to PROD. I need to keep all the views and form records intact as they are in PROD. (During DEV time, the PROD site will still be working and new records will be added. these records needs to be there which is the reason for why I can´t just do a full site transfer with Akeeba for instance.)

Glad for help or/and any input

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mihaela replied the topic: Migration of forms from one Website to another


Here is an explanation of how to transfer the form with its records and the CB View to another site. As for the records, they can be transferred. The elements and form's ID will change when transferring to a new site.

There isn't a way that it can be done in one step, but you can do so by following these steps.
1) Transfer just the form from site to site as you already did, by creating and installing the package.

2) Go to the old site on BreezingForms > Manage Records. In the select list with forms select the form that you are transferring. When records for that single form appear, download the CSV of that records for your form. You can find the download button at a left-hand upper corner of the page.

3) Then, go to your new site on BreezingForms > Manage Records. In the list of possible forms select the one that you have transferred.
Then click on the UPLOAD CSV button in the left-hand upper corner of the page.
Select the file downloaded from the old site and upload the records.

That procedure will transfer form records from the old site to the new one.

4) Finally, create a new ContentBuilder view, based on that form at the new site.
Set up everything as in the old site (if you want it to look the same).

That will do the trick.

Regarding the issue with the error messages that you get as explained in 3., please make sure that you have published the new ContentBuilder view that you have created.
Also, in order for the form and view to be accessible, you have to set the Permissions in the view properly.

Let me know whether this helped and whether you have managed to set your form and view to work properly.


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