Persistent '[key]+' in intro text

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snowgoose replied the topic: Persistent '[key]+' in intro text

I have recently installed Breezing Forms and had this exact problem. Here are my results using different editors:

ARK Editor
I used "intro- edit" to add some text to a page. I formatted the size and colour. I saved properties, saved page and previewed the form. All is good. I then go back into "intro-edit" but all I see is '[key]+' instead of the text I added. The actual text is still there when I preview the form, but I cannot see it in the editor.

Switched to this as suggested. This time the text is there, but the colour formatting has been stripped out. The size formatting is still ok.

JCE Editor
I just installed this editor and all is fine! The original text is there and formatted correctly and I can edit it ok.

So if anyone else is having problems, try JCE Editor.
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tomeperica replied the topic: Persistent '[key]+' in intro text

Thx for suggestions, however this problem should be solved by their developers (devs of edtiors).

Joomla is doing something strange there so we hope they all will be fixed someday :)


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NeulandMedien replied the topic: Persistent '[key]+' in intro text

i got the same problem.
I updated Joomla and Breezingforms and tried other editors as well.

Since i updated all the editor stays empty. Before the update there was the text from the topic in the editor: '[key]+'
There is always a JS-Bug when opening the editor:
TypeError: c.getElementById(...).form is null - tinymce.min.js:1:1561
TypeError: t.serializer is undefined - tinymce.min.js:12:7382

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rdanziger replied the topic: Persistent '[key]+' in intro text

I am having the same problem. To be precise, it is the *only* thing showing in the Page Intro Text box, but the text I created does show up on-line.
Saw something (2 years old) about"E-Mail cloaking" being the cause, then disabled the plug-in as advised and emptied cache but the problem persists.
I use Breezing Forms Pro 1.9.0 Build 931 and Joomla 3.9.14.
Any solutions out there?
Thanks in advance
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