How to create an external link? 3 years 9 months ago #234153

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Hi Marszh,

the code you filled in at "item wrap code" field seems to be correct. Do you see the dash (-) in the paticular field on your frontend page?
If you can see the dash the first part is done. And now, in your frontend editing mask you have to fill in into the field you want to have the link in the particular URL. Then in the frontend view the word 'link' in your case should get shown in this field as a link to the URL.
Just try it again and tell if it works.
But I have to admit that the coding in my backend did Darko make. I gave him access to my backend. What I posted here is what I get when have a look in my backend. I don't realy know if he did anything more. I. e. what I can't explain is that in backend CB view 'item wrap code" in the field "Aufnahme mp3" and "Soundcloud mp3" is no code, but only in the field "Noten pdf" and in the field YouTube is the posted code. But if you have a look on my "Werkverzeichnis" and pick out i. e. Opus 190 you have a link at "Text und Akkorde pdf" and at "Aufnahme mp3" allthough there is no code in the backend view 'item wrap code'. Don't ask me why it works that way, but it works.
Maybe Darko can spot a light in this darkness, can't he?
Hope it works with you as well.

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How to create an external link? 3 years 8 months ago #234550

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Hi heinzeric
Thank you very much for your help! I have done excatly what you suggested, but with no effect at all. It seems that nothing I put in the field 'item wrap code' does change anything. Even if I try the suggestions from the hints (showing up when hovering over the title of the 'item wrap code'-column), like <b>{value}</b>, there is no effect at all. So I believe that Darko did some other things on your website. I agree with you, maybe he has some additional suggestion?!
Best regards

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