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Ok, here it is:

This is the developer version of BreezingForms. Bootstrap3 works well so far and is tested against T3 templates. I couldn't get any javascript error so far. At least with what I get, it looks quite well. If you still encounter errors, then we have to dig deeper but making it work with T3 is the key to this.

However, please do not use the Bootstrap OnePage feature yet (will be finished tomorrow) but configure your form like this:

1. Update BreezingForms with the file attached (just install over)

2. In your form => advanced tab => enable "Use Bootstrap3" and also turn off "Use Built-In Bootstrap3" as this will use the template's bootstrap version. Also please leave "Bootstrap3 Class Prefix" disabled, as this is a very special case if your template WOULD use class prefixes for bootstrap (which T3 doesn't).

3. Save and open the form on your site. It should look better now and hopefully there are no errors any longer.

My theory (and hope) is that most errors should be gone because T3 also replaces Joomla's bootstrap.js, which I could think could lead to errors if it tries to access bootstrap2 items.

If not, then we need to look further, but as said above, porting it to bootstrap and T3 rules out any bootstrap related issue.

You also will soon get an update notification, you will be able to upgrade as the changes with the file attached will be included with the update.


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I have installed the new version and updated the settings as advised and none of the issues are resolved. I also changed the layout to enable Auto height iframe and this has not been resolved either. You can check this yourself on the Health Screening form. Pretty frustrated! The page is also taking a long long time to load because of the forms. How can we resolve all these issues please as maybe you did not test the version you have supplied me??

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we were answering you last night via email.

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