Can user profile + joomla custom field + CB created Resume + pdf 3 years 11 months ago #216117

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Dear Sirs,

Joomla now has customs field and field group for user profile, article

1. I would like to help my client to create a user resume at front-end and back-end
2. custom field group: Education, Experience which required multiple records, but now i cannot add multiple record under same field name, so my stupid method is
- under Education,
- year01, school01, award01, isShow01
- year02, school02, award02, isShow02
my question is can CB or even breezeForm allow the user has multi-record (create, update, delete) for each row under Education (custom filed saved at #__fields, #__fields_categories, #__fields_groups, #__fields_value)

3. CB views
Can I combine different data table to create a content prepare
Personal Information: Name, Chinese Name, Email, mobile, photo
#__users + #__fields (photo)

Education : year, school, award (table format) <-- back to my question at above point 2 (multiple row from #__fields)

Courses : (table format)

Certificate : (table formato

Then add a [pdf] button for user download

I am confused where to use breezeform or joomla custom field for this Resume page
Please advise and teach me what should be the best method

Thanks indeed
P.S. I have attached a resume format for your reference

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Can user profile + joomla custom field + CB created Resume + pdf 3 years 11 months ago #216330

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to give you a full answer, could you explain with more details?

However, if I fully understood your request, I'm pretty sure that it's a pretty custom solution, which is outside the scope of support, but I can give you guidelines and tips. :)

I would do the following. I'll put the links to everything at the bottom of the post for better readability.
Create a new form in Breezing Forms using examples from our documentation and downloads section, specifically, what you're going to need is getting user info and adding rows dinamically. Have your form contain all the needed fields for your resume. Then autofill all the user info from Joomla. Let them add more rows for education, experience and courses. Create a template to match the layout of your CV and let them download their record. That's what I can offer without further input :)

This way you don't need additional tables, or joining more tables in a view. Quite possible you might not need Content Builder at all, but I can't really say that for now.

- dinamically add rows ->
- getting user info ->

I hope I've been able to explain myself. Well, awaiting your reply and we'll see what we can do from there :)

Kind regards,
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