How can Breezing Forms Validation functions be used custom multi valadation? 3 weeks 3 days ago #245209

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I am trying to validate a large number of similar select drop downs by looping through them with jQuery().each.

What I would like to do is use Breezing Forms "Error message :" from the "Element Properties Validation" and get the errors to show up as per the normal behavior if I was to use a Library or a custom validation via Create code framework.

I have this while loop working to the degree that I can trigger an alert message for for each unique select dropdown element that is set to a value of "NONE".

This currently is done with code similar to this:
function validateOptionedOrders(orderName, numberOfOrders){
    var currentOrder = 1;
    var stopOrder = numberOfOrders;
    var orderSelectDropDown; // THIS IS A 
    var chosenValue;
        while(numberOfOrders >= currentOrder){
                if (chosenValue == "NONE") {
                    console.log("the if value was true at 'NONE'");
                    alert("#"+orderName+currentOrder+" select faild in my test")
                    // HOW DO I USE BF VALDATION HERE to Throw Error Messages from the "Element Properties Validation"
                    } // if              
        console.log("currentOrder being incremented to "+currentOrder);    

As needed I can pass that function names that "ff_getElementByName()" uses or IDs that jQuery could use for the individual errors and their respective select elements any way you suggest that would get the rest of this working.
I am already doing that with the function that calls the one above like this:
function multiValidator(){
    jQuery("input.hasOptions").each(function() {
        var name = jQuery(this).attr("name");
        console.log("this number input's name is "+ name);
        var ffname = name.replace('ff_nm_','').replace('[]','');
        console.log("this ff name is "+ ffname);
        var orderName = name.replace('ff_nm_','').replace('Qty[]','')+"Order";
        console.log("this items OrderName is "+ orderName);
        var numberOfOrders = ff_getElementByName(ffname).value;
        console.log("the number of " + orderName +" currently ordered is "+numberOfOrders);
               validateOptionedOrders(orderName, numberOfOrders);

The bit I am confused on here is that I don't really get what objects or listeners the Breezing Forms validation functions are using for (element, action) nor how the ff_validationFocus( function is handling the messages.

Thanks again for all your help!
Cheers - Dan S.

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How can Breezing Forms Validation functions be used custom multi valadation? 3 weeks 3 days ago #245212

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please check Manage Scripts => ff_validate_submit and see how it is implemented.

You would basically need this part:
if(typeof bfUseErrorAlerts != 'undefined'){
    error = ff_validation(0);
    if (error != '') {

        if(typeof bfUseErrorAlerts == 'undefined'){
        } else {

"error" is simply a list of messages, separated by linebreaks.

I would recommend to store such things in the scripts manager, as well if your custom codes are getting more and more complex.


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