Proof of Concept - can it be done with BreezingForms {free} or {pro} 11 months 3 weeks ago #250073

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Hello and welcome from Mr Leslie Jarrett, this is my first posting here so my apologies if the question has been asked before in the same or similar way.

OUTLINE I am creating a Virtual Airline for Flight Simulation using Joomla under the Gantry 5 Helium template framework.
Experience I am skilled with PHP Mysql and to some degree now Joomla.

Scope In a virtual Airline pilots have access like in the real world to a list of flights (schedule or timetable) to which they can simulate on their computer using software such as X-plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have been able through API use to create some 4000 separate flights that will be available. Given this extensive number I want to give my members a means to enjoy selecting what flight they wish to fly rather than scrolling down a list on the screen.

So with the outline of my project here is what I want to try and achieve and am asking the experts amongst you for comments and guidance and even a definite 'NO IT CANNOT" be done if I am seeking the impossible with the module under the constraints of JOOMLA etc.

I want to build a cascading dynamic flight search form with auto-complete as far as possible .

The first field is the Flight Number , this can be input because I show the flight numbers on other pages on the website so if a pilot inputs a flight number then all other fields can be filled in automatically. If the field is left blank then all flights are available for the next field

The next set of fields are used to determine the departure airport and are linked to each other and each field can be auto-completed
First Departure field is for the search / input of Airport IATA code . This is an international standard code assigned to each airport i.e. London Heathrow is LHR , Glasgow is GLA etc. So on auto-complete if possible using 2 letters out of the 3 used we can determine the airport from a dropdown list and then fill un the next two fields. Or leave blank.
The second Departure field is similar to the first in that is the ICAO code for the airport which is what pilots use again for example London Heathrow is EGLL and again hopefully auto-complete on first two letters and can be left blank.
The third departure field is the airport name and obviously I want to follow auto-complete and fill in the other two fields.

The next section will be the Arrival Airport
This can use the same as above for departure , but it needs to be linked to the schedule table so that the Arrival airport has to be on the schedule is one idea. The other being that all airports can be used for the selection.

The final field is a list of flight numbers and times that have been found from the search criteria above.
Obviously if the flight number was input at the start then only one value will be there , any other search should show a dropdown list to select what flight number and departure time . If no flights are found then the dropdown should show NO_FLIGHTS FOUND.

I am using a MYSQL database for this and the Airport Table has the IATA,ICAO,NAME fields in
The schedule table has Departure IATA and ICAO codes and Arrival IATA ,ICAO codes. I do not have the airport names on the schedule but can easily add them to simplify the auto-complete searches.

If you can understand this scope and layout , I am asking if it is possible to do this , Of course I will try to work it out myself , however I do not want to say no to Breezing Forms simply on the basis that I could not find the answer myself , hence asking the community if they can help/advise on this concept.

I fully respect the help and support that the community gives to each other so in return if I find out a neat and tidy way to do something or can answer another persons question then I am more than happy to post a response on this forum

Many thanks in advance ,

Mr Leslie Jarrett

PS my website still being developed but parts are working is

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Proof of Concept - can it be done with BreezingForms {free} or {pro} 11 months 3 weeks ago #250075

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yes, this is possible, but I would say best is you get in contact with Leo from GWS Desk.

They are our partners for custom form and CB development:

Please let me know if you need more help


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