H3 Styling on Mobile view with Themeroller 5 days 15 hours ago #243710

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Just trying to work out one little kink i noticed when a form goes into Mobile View (app style not responsive design style)

On the desktop edition i have the text set to Header 3, and then place a background behind it to make the form clearer. The text is set to #fffffff to contrast with the background theme (this is section header)

However i just noticed that on the mobile view (again themed via JS themeroller site), that the description field does not show, because the text was set as White (matching mobile background). There is no way to set Header colours i.e H3 in themeroller, and from what i can tell there is no class specified for this section in the mobile view so whilst i have tried to add custom css none applies as there is no obvious class to assign it to.

Just wondering if i am missing something, or should i just remove the Header tag from those text fields and set them as standard text but increase font size and add bold that way in the mobile view it will take the "a" formatting instead of "h3" and appear as blue like the rest of the text (albeit probably small).

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H3 Styling on Mobile view with Themeroller 5 days 13 hours ago #243714

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do you have a link to the form? Then I can check. Shouldn't be a problem to fix.


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