Is breezing commerce compatible with joomla 3.9 1 year 3 months ago #242042

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Are you planning to update breezingcommerce? I think its not working with jommla 3.9.

I have several problem.
1. This is a multilanguage site. The default is hungarian, and the second is english. The first problem, in breezing commerce there is default language and hungarian one. Like the english would be the only default. Maybe this language problem cause some other problem as well.
2. The link to the cart and the checkout page is wrong, i made 4 page in a hidden menu, 2 for each languages (cart, checkout) and set them at misc settings, but its not working. I cant set different cart and checkout page for the different language at bcommerce misc settings. When i click to minicart, it goes to instead of the situation with checkout is the same, it goest to instead of , this is totally different way then at your demo site.
3. The checkout page is totally crashed with my template. If i change the template to joomla default Beez3 template, this is working, but i dont like to use different template to checkout. It is ugly. With my premium template the checkout is crashed. First of all some hidden object is uncover almost the whole site, so you cant click to the continue, or to the login button. Image attached. If you click to the login name you can type it, and you can type the password as well, then you can press enter, if you have keyboard so you can login, if you are expert programmer, but i think its not a normal way. If the user hadn’t gave it up, and loged in back to checkout page, where he can type the billing info. Oh no, the hidden object uncover almost all field, so the user cant type any info. If he is expert he can find out he can click to the left corner of the first field, and with tab button (if have keyboard) he can jump to the next field, but this is not normal i think.
4. The bottom of the checkout page is wrong as well, the payment info part is under the last fields of billing info. Tried to adjust some css, but i havent found the solution. Image attached
5. How can i set the fields of the billing info? The fax number and the region is not necessary i think, but i like to ask taxation number. Where can i set the fields?
6. Is there a way to show the customer his previous orders? Not the invoice, the whole order, with details? I havent found any page type, or module to show it. Order history is an important thing.

My site is in dev phase, available at , the only one test product is at

Thanks for your help

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Is breezing commerce compatible with joomla 3.9 1 year 3 months ago #242045

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your premium template is not using the Joomla standard when it comes to Bootstrap. I guess they are using Boostrap3 or worse, Bootstrap4 with Joomla3 and do not care about 3rd party extension developers or standards.

I will overcome this after I finished BF for J4 and switch BC to using its own CSS framework instead of relying on the system one. Sad that I need to do that but it obviously isn't working with so called "Premium" templates.

The other remarks you made are indeed something I could help you with quicker, please ping me back tomorrow for this (it is public holiday weekend here).

Best Regards,

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Is breezing commerce compatible with joomla 3.9 1 year 2 months ago #244339

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I also would like to display order history in the client's profile page

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