Use of ff_validate_submit

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ooc created the topic: Use of ff_validate_submit

I have a form that presents a waiver and once the waiver is agreed to gives the user a link to another page. That is all it does so I have used just one page and would like to keep it as just the one page. However, I would like to validate and submit the form (so I have the information in the database) and send the user to the new page all in one click. Is this possible? I have attached the form and it can be seen at

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TheMuffinMan replied the topic: Use of ff_validate_submit


if you just want to redirect to a new page/site, you can do it like this:


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ooc replied the topic: Use of ff_validate_submit

Thank you Marcus. That helped but the submit button is available before agreeing to the waiver. (insertion of a ReCaptcha into the hidden section forces the agreement but is kind of clunky - getting an error with regard to a Recaptcha that the visitor can't even see yet) When the waiver is agreed to, a section becomes available and the ability to get to the other page would be best to be in that section. I tried a submit button within it the section but it doesn't work - the only error message is ff_myformname_init is not defined. This appears only if I click on the submit button. If I click on the submit button that is outside the section (generated by the 'include submit button') it does submit and takes me to the new page but with an error on the screen saying
Invalid address (addAnAddress to):

Again, this can all be seen at . I can send the form again if that would help.
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ooc replied the topic: Use of ff_validate_submit

All is good now. I got the ff_validate_submit to work properly but the error message still showed up. I found it had something to do with the admin mailback address. I removed the semi-colon following the address and the error msg went away. Sorry to have bothered you further with this and thanks for your help.
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