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I have a form which allows a person to join our club along with up to 5 other family members. I would like to send a personalized guest pass to them to invite a friend to another event. The pass would need to be personalized in some way so that they aren't duplicated - something like sending out tickets to a show with seat numbers or bar codes. However, ideally the unique identifier in this case would be the member's name. i.e. the coupon would say something like “This invitation from <member-name> allows you free entry to 1 of our events"

I currently send out personalized membership cards but if there are only 2 members completing the form they still get 6 cards - 4 without names - not great but ... I have tried to provide a custom mailback as given in the post but cannot get the mailback to access the file administrator/components/com_breezingforms/mailtpl/FORMNAME_mailback.txt.php. (Yes, replacing FORMNAME with my formname) It replies with the default php file even when I have renamed the default file, cleared browser cache, have system cache disabled, and have no 'Platform Specific Caching'. I even renamed the admin mailback file(mailtpl.txt.php) and yet I still get the default mailback file (mailbacktpl.txt.php) each time. Eventually I removed the 2 default files. Where could it be coming from ?

My formname is 'testform' - my file is administrator/components/com_breezingforms/mailtpl/testform_mailbacktplt.txt.php
I have nothing else in the directory. I am on BreezingForms 1.9.0 Stable (build 931) with Joomla 3.9.14. I am attaching my mailback php file for your review as well as my simplified form. It is the only file in the mailtpl folder apart from the index.html.

I had given up on solving the membership card problem but now the group want me to provide the guest passes. I think they are the same problem for me.

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