Next button does'nt work

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maangles replied the topic: Next button does'nt work

Hello Mihaela,
Following my last post, the element now is visible, its visibility rule was wrong written.
But the result is always wrong i don't understand why
Thanks again for your help.
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mihaela replied the topic: Next button does'nt work


I have been inspecting your form for quite some time now and came to the conclusion that you have had some errors in your form.

I have turned off the Actionscript for the "amountowingw" element at the end of the third page.
When this script is turned off the calculation for "amountowing" started working partially.

The main problem was that in the actionscript for the "amountowing" element on the second page you were using this statement:
if (ff_getElementByName('workshopholidayparties').checked)
          ff_getElementByName('amountowing').value = 
          Number(ff_getElementByName('amountowing').value) + Number(ff_getElementByName('workshopholidayparties').value);
That can't work since "workshopholidayparties" is a radio group element.

I've replaced that with this code:
if (jQuery('[name="ff_nm_workshopholidayparties[]"]:checked').val())
          ff_getElementByName('amountowing').value = 
          Number(ff_getElementByName('amountowing').value) + Number(jQuery('[name="ff_nm_workshopholidayparties[]"]:checked').val());
Afterwards, the value of this radio group was added to the sum.

The total in "amountowing" now shows a more similar value to what was expected. Despite that, the sum is still not correct so I assume that you have set this part incorrectly for some other radio or checkbox group so please check that and try to fix accordingly.

Let me know the result.


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maangles replied the topic: Next button does'nt work

Hi Mihaela !

Your last post has done wonders here. With your scripts, the form is now 99% ready. It remains only to develop the reply mail.

In this one, we recap all validated elements that contain a value to pay. This is as follows:

Votre séjour, vos options Montant (€)
Tarif du séjour base chambre triple 529 € - REMISE NOEL 10 €  {Mntchambre:value}
Supplément chambre Individuelle PARK {chambreindividuelle:value}
Supplément chambre dble/ twin PARK {supdoubletwinpark:value}
Supplément chambre double ou twin SUITES {supdoubletwinsuites:value}
Supplément chambre triple SUITES {suptriplesuites:value}
Supplément chambre quadruple SUITES {supquadruple:value}
Réduction enfant - 12 ans ch Triple {reductionenfant:value}
Transfert autocar {transfertautocar:value}
TOTAL {amountowing:value}

How can i write to display only items containing a value in this email ?

Thank you for this last return after which we will be 100% OK

Best regards

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