Deprecated message using breezing forms build 931

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hoekbrwr replied the topic: Deprecated message using breezing forms build 931

I have this problem too and it breaks my javascript code. I cannot select any object and cannot set properties.
I need urgent an update for this general problem otherwise all my work done in the last few years is useless when this is not solved. I suppose this error is connected to the PHP error!

inschrijven:1348 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'checked' of null
at ff_wds_datum_action (inschrijven:1348)
at HTMLSelectElement.onchange (inschrijven:1443)
at Object.trigger (js-35479-90248.js:28)
at Object.a.event.trigger (js-35479-90248.js:41)
at a.fn.init.triggerHandler (js-35479-90248.js:28)
at bfTriggerRules (inschrijven:441)
at bfRegisterToggleFields (inschrijven:407)
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (inschrijven:729)
at u (js-35479-90248.js:28)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (js-35479-90248.js:28)
ff_wds_datum_action @ inschrijven:1348
onchange @ inschrijven:1443
trigger @ js-35479-90248.js:28
a.event.trigger @ js-35479-90248.js:41
triggerHandler @ js-35479-90248.js:28
bfTriggerRules @ inschrijven:441
bfRegisterToggleFields @ inschrijven:407
(anonymous) @ inschrijven:729
u @ js-35479-90248.js:28
fireWith @ js-35479-90248.js:28
ready @ js-35479-90248.js:28
_ @ js-35479-90248.js:28
inschrijven:1222 BF-Trace
PHP error level : E_NOTICE
PHP filename : /home/ndo/public_html/components/com_breezingforms/facileforms.process.php
PHP linenumber : 1467
Error message : Undefined variable: ff_otherparams

I am not a PHP programmer, but I can understand things quite well if I see them. Probably a small patch for this in the above-mentioned file can bring me back on my feet, although there might popup other errors because at least this file contains 3 of those constructions to be changed in the way you suggested here before.
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hoekbrwr replied the topic: Deprecated message using breezing forms build 931

You must keep the break: Otherwise there is a syntax error
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hoekbrwr replied the topic: Deprecated message using breezing forms build 931

There are 3 files in the maindirectory that have the old syntax from before PHP 7.2. I have replaced all the occurences with the new syntax of PHP 7.2(see attached zip file of Breezing forms: 1.9.0 build 931.
At least I got rid of the deprecated message for now.
I do not know if there are other php files that contain the old syntax, but I hope I will hit them.
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gavinhanly replied the topic: Deprecated message using breezing forms build 931

The latest version (free) hasn't fixed the problem with the plugin on line 192. That section is this:
	if ($myTarget) {
		// yes, all ff_ parameters are meant for me
		$formid   = JRequest::getInt( 'ff_form',  $formid);
		$formname = JRequest::getVar( 'ff_name',  $formname);
		$page     = JRequest::getInt( 'ff_page',  $page);
		$border   = JRequest::getInt( 'ff_border',$border);
		while (list($prop, $val) = each($_REQUEST))
			if (!is_array($val) && substr($prop,0,9)=='ff_param_')
				$ff_request[$prop] = $val;
	} // if

What should that be changed to?
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mihaela replied the topic: Deprecated message using breezing forms build 931


This is rather a notice than an error message, but here is how you can remove it.

Go to JOOMLA ROOT/plugins/content/breezingforms/breezingforms.php, open the breezingforms.php file and around line 192 replace the following code:
while (list($prop, $val) = each($_REQUEST))
if (!is_array($val) && substr($prop,0,9)=='ff_param_')
$ff_request[$prop] = $val;
with this code:
// reset($_REQUEST);
foreach($_REQUEST as $prop => $val) {
if (!is_array($val) && substr($prop,0,9)=='ff_param_')
$ff_request[$prop] = $val;
That should do the trick, the error message should be gone.

Also, since this is rather a message than error message to remove the messages, for now, you can go to System > Global Configuration and in the Server tab set the Error Reporting to None. Save the change and the notices should be gone.


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