CoinStudio (CS) Listed on ZerDex!

CoinStudio is proud to got listed on ZerDex Market - Part of the Birake exchange network.

What Is CoinStudio?

Under the umbrella project CoinStudio, we are primarily focusing on developing and market crypto-related software solutions.

Our first products are CoinStudio Lite and CoinStudio Signals (currently Beta in our Discord).

We have a lineup of many further products defined in our white-paper. Please check it out!

What is CoinStudio Lite?

CoinStudio Lite is a new and innovative kind of cryptocurrency price indicator tool that helps you to verify your price estimates, technical analysis and to keep your trades in sane boundaries.

You can use CoinStudio Lite as trading companion, 2nd opinion to verify your market analysis or as supporting beginner's tool if you are new to cryptocurreny trading.

Since CoinStudio Lite is a web-based app, it doesn't require you to install any program or app - it works on both, desktop computer and mobile phones on any popular browser. Just login and you are ready to go!

The use of CoinStudio Lite does not require you to leave any sensitive information like exchange api keys. You are in full control of your trades and exchange account information.

Want to use crypto?

No problem, just send an email to and tell us what membership you'd like to purchase. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on request.

1 Month Subscription

$15.00 USD

One-time payment, non-recurring

Full Features

1 month access to CoinStudio Lite

5 CS tokens included!


6 Months Subscription

$75.00 USD

One-time payment, non-recurring

Full Features

6 months access to CoinStudio Lite

30 CS tokens included!


1 Year Subscription

$135.00 USD

One-time payment, non-recurring

Full Features

12 months access to CoinStudio Lite

60 CS tokens included!


All Extensions Subscription

We are doing our part and support your business with extremely low prices -- For example 6-Months-Subscription for only $9 USD. For as long as necessary.

No support per domain or website installation limits! Includes all of our current and future Joomla!® extensions, Joomla!® templates for the duration of your membership. This means, by purchasing an All Extensions Subscription you'll have it all covered!

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3rd Party Discount - 25% Off

We help you to keep your costs under control. If you are a new member and purchased a form building tool from a different form vendor, then you'll get a 25% discount on our subscription plans.

How to receive the discount:

Send us a quick email to with a proof of purchase (for example a paypal receipt), await payment instructions and enjoy your membership!