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BreezingForms Lite is the only free joomla forms, state of the art form builder for Joomla!® that combines modern techniques with enterprise features. From great looking simple forms up to complex form applications -- almost everything is possible!

If you need to create modernJ oomla!® forms with all bells and whistles like responsiveness, theme support or form based applications, then BreezingForms Lite is the tool of your choice.

With BreezingForms Lite you are not locked up in a golden cage and confronted with limited features for the sake of easiness. Instead, we face the complexity and try to make it as easy and open as possible for you to finish even the most complex tasks.

BreezingForms Lite has a 5-year history of innovations that haven't been seen in Joomla!® extensions before and until today. We continuously develop and implement new interesting features. With BreezingForms Lite, you are holding a quality and value extension in your hands that you don't want to miss again.

BreezingForms Lite is one of the most popular and actively developed extensions for Joomla!®. Download for free and use its awesome features to get the job done!

BreezingForms at a glance

All Fields You Need

Choose from up to 17 different field types to perform even the most complex tasks.
Use one of the existing 3 form builders, each suiting everybody's taste. If you need to get things done really quick with the full power of BreezingForms, go for the QuickMode!

Responsive Forms

Create great looking responsive forms without any line of HTML and CSS. Full Twitter Bootstrap support! Choose from one of our many existing form themes, you'll always find something that fits. If you are an expert, you may of course roll your own theme.

Multipage Forms

Arrange and collect data in multi-steps. Ideal for surveys, form based applications, large or complicated forms.
Your users may even come back at a later point to finish their submissions.

Although BreezingForms Lite is free to download, considering a membership can be useful to you. Especially if you need additional features of the full version or professional support, you might want to consider a membership. Please see the options below if you are interested.

Get these stunning features only in the full version of BreezingForms:

  • Scrolling OnePage Forms
  • Native multi-language support, no 3rd party extension required!
  • Bootstrap / responsive theme engine. Works in both Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5 (even if no bootstrap template is in use).
  • Refurbished classic theme engine (incl. responsive). Choose yourself what engine to use!
  • Virtuemart Custom Fields (use BreezingForms to provide custom product fields with effect on product pricing)
  • Native Joomla! tag support. You can tag your form submissions and generate tagged content (articles)
  • HTML5 uploads with upload progress (desktop, iOS®, Android®) and large file uploads
  • Telegram® integration (send notifications to chats or group chats, including attachments like photos and videos)
  • Google Drive® Spreadsheets support
  • Salesforce® integration
  • Dropbox® integration
  • CSV records import
  • Mobile web app support (displays your forms like web apps)

Additionally, our Lifetime Subscription includes many benefits like access to all of our current and future commercial Joomla!® extensions, Joomla!® templates, WordPress® plugins, WordPress® themes, BreezingForms themes, BreezingForms form apps + 2 years of professional support.

6 Months Subscription

$29.00 USD

Full Features

No Footers

183 Days Access To All Of Our Joomla! Extensions (incl. BreezingForms for Joomla! and WordPress) + One Joomla! Template (the latest).

183 Days Priority Support

Unlimited Websites (Support + Installations)

1-Year Subscription

$49.00 USD
Full Features
No Footers
365 Days Access To All Of Our Joomla! Extensions (incl. BreezingForms for Joomla! and WordPress) + One Joomla! Template (the latest).
365 Days Priority Support
Unlimited Websites (Support + Installations)

Lifetime Subscription

$90.00 USD
$129.00 USD

BreezingCommerce Release Countdown - Discount until March 1st, 2016!

Our new shop system will be included in your subscription as soon as it is released!

Full Features

No Footers

Timely Unlimited Access To All Of Our Products (incl. BreezingForms, all Joomla! extensions and templates, all WordPress plugins and themes)

2 Years Priority Support

Unlimited Websites (Support + Installations)

Lifetime Subscription

Special offer: Get lifetime access to all of our current and future products and 2 years of professional support -- for just 129 for just 90, until March. 1st, 2016! BreezingCommerce Release Countdown.

No support per domain or website installation limits! Includes all of our current and future Joomla!® extensions, WordPress® plugins, Joomla!® templates   this means, by purchasing a Lifetime Subscription you'll have it all covered!

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3rd Party Discount - 25% Off

We help you to keep your costs under control. If you are a new member and purchased a form building tool from a different form vendor, then you'll get a 25% discount on our 1-Year or Lifetime Subscription plans.

How to receive the discount:

Send us a quick email to with a proof of purchase (for example a paypal receipt), await payment instructions and enjoy your membership!

Supporting the Joomla! Community

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If you are running a JUG or organize a Joomla! Day and you need any of our products, just write an email to and you'll get a Lifetime Membership for free!