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Since 2008, Crosstec is - and keeps - providing great extensions and support, mostly for Joomla!

However, with a now way larger team that already achieved a lot than in the past, we are in the process of releasing new projects, discovering new technologies and developing new products.

Our first new project that is released with immediate effect is, basically mirroring with what we are sucessful at Crosstec, but tailored for the needs of WordPress users.


We are starting Wptec with a set of services to help you maintain your WordPress based websites.

Especially our 3rd party plugin support should help you on issues you might have with WordPress plugins that are not solved by the original developers (be it because the plugin isn't no longer maintained, support fees are too high, etc).

If you are looking for support for WordPress - from an experienced team - is the place-to-go for you.



As mentioned above, Wptec is basically mirroring Crosstec but specialized in WordPress. This means we are also developing and publishing major plugins for WordPress just like we do at Crosstec and support those.



A clear NO. Joomla! is alive and kicking. We are currently making our existing extensions fit for Joomla! 4 and even develop new extensions on top of that.

We are certain that Joomla! 4 will boost the overall Content Management market and has the potential for further growth of the Joomla! community.



Since Crosstec has always been planned as a resource for cross-technologies, we were constantly discovering and researching new interesting fields aside from classic Content Management.

From a technological point-of-view, we see a perfect fit for content distribution on the Blockchain and are developing applications on "grass-root" level to actually get there.

The release of the first application based on our research will be announced at Crosstec, soon.

Though it won't have a direct connection to Joomla! or WordPress yet, we are laying the foundation for supporting Content Management Systems with Blockchain technology.



Crosstec says thank you for supporting us in the last 10 years and we are looking forward to the next!

If you have any kind of suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop as a few lines in the forums.


Your Crosstec Team! 



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