Two months passed since the first indication of Joomla! gaining back marketshare and now it's time to re-visit and see what happened since then.

One thing is clear already: Joomla! is developing momentum and successfully reversing its past marketshare loss.

"There's life in the old dog yet"

That's not just valid for projects such as WordPress but also the world's #2 of all CMS, Joomla!

Back in August this year, the first signs of regeneration of the Joomla! project were already at the horizon and the reasons for that were outlined in the said blog post above.

In the meanwhile, updated their stats for those months because newcomers were added which lead to re-calculations, reaching out far to the past. Still Joomla!'s loss in marketshare was clearly stopped, with a slight drop in the last month.

However, in a very similar fashion like in August, Joomla! now (October) did it once more and gained back a good amount of marketshare (6.3%, +0.2) as well as usage (2.9%, +0.1):

Such a growth doesn't sound much, but it actually is

Take TYPO3 for example, with "only" 0.7% of marketshare it is an alive and kicking project with a tremendous amount of users and a vital eco-system.

Additionally, when you know that in the years before, Joomla! constantly lost marketshare on a monthly basis but now - against the previous trend - it is able to reverse the process, it means a lot.

Reasons of the recent growth

In my first blog post I outlined possible reasons for the growth-revival which were mostly due to the effort of the community to bring back Joomla! into shape.

There are some additional facts that for sure help on the continuous growth:

  • Joomla! is constantly improving.
  • Joomla! is able to deal with complexity and scales with requirements.
  • Joomla! provides a thriving 3rd party eco-system, from 1000s extension developers and template creators to support services and community help.
  • Joomla! is the only fully community driven open source CMS out there. There is no company behind, truly independent. Literally everyone can influence the project in the most positive way.

But the most important reason is: Joomla! simply works

Joomla! is seen as a very robust and reliable CMS that you can throw almost anything at and provides a great backwards compatibility.

This seems to be populating across users as it is very important to manage all those Joomla! sites, having the least trouble possible, for the longest period of time possible.

And this is exactly what Joomla! provides.

The Future 

Based on Joomla!'s ability to keep up with the project and even reverting negative trends I'd say anything is possible. What we for sure will see are ups and downs in marketshare but with a tendency to more ups, defending its position as #2 in the CMS market.

The reason for that is simply because the development of Joomla! 4 is imminent and rumor has it that it will be all focused on making things a lot easier to use while still being backwards compatible.

Combine that with the already existing strengths of Joomla! and with some deep-thinking, you will easily come to the conclusion that Joomla! is here to stay...and grow.

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