We are proud to announce that we are soon going to release our e-commerce system called BreezingCommerce.

The name hasn't been chosen by accident as it's planned to integrate BreezingForms into the shopping cart shortly after the public release.

The plans for BreezingCommerce emerged after we found our VirtueMart / BreezingForms plugin was way too fiddly to use. That's neither the fault of VirtueMart or BreezingForms but a consequence of two distinct projects that both go different paths.

Update: it has been released :)


At first, we wanted to create a really tiny cart solution where BreezingForms would sit on top. But in the process of development, we discovered that so much more will be possible such that we decided to de-couple the cart from BreezingForms and gave it a chance to run as standalone extension. As 2nd step after the release, we are going to add the option to integrate BreezingForms into the products view as well as option within the order-flow.

After successfully testing the shop right at Crosstec for almost one year, we are now in the process of finalizing the frontend features, a minimum of payment + delivery methods and writing documentation. There are very handy features included that are exclusively available only with BreezingCommerce that will set it apart from the competition.

Without revealing too much, this is what you for sure can expect:

  • Easy-to-use multi language system. Fiddle-free and complete. No single aspect is missing with translations (and also no product copy required).
  • No product copy or other tricks required for options like "red shirt, size M". Create the product once and that's it.
  • BreezingCommerce is a "good citizen", fitting right into the Joomla! administration, like it's made for it.
  • Advanced tax system that even helps on EU regulations and digital goods. International sales shouldn't be a problem.
  • Zero-config plugin system, lowering the barrier for 3rd party devs to extend BreezingCommerce's functionality.
  • Zero-config theming system.
  • Classic goods + digital goods and file memberships.
  • Single-page checkout.
  • Preventing as many distractive features as possible, for higher conversion.
  • Entirely responsive, of course.
  • ...and many many more.

Here you can see a preview from the current dev version of the frontend. For the sake of surprise, we reduced the features to a minimum, but it shows that it can handle regular goods, as well as digital goods and is capable of providing invoices. It's an older dev version that we are going to update from time-to-time. Visit frequently to see the progress! 

BreezingCommerce is expected to be released by January, 31st, 2016 February 15th for free. People with a subscriptions at Crosstec will automatically be able to download the commercial version of BreezingCommerce, which includes all extra features.

If you have ideas, suggestions that you'd like to see in BreezingCommerce (for example payment options), please don't hesitate to drop us a few lines below at Disqus. Thank you!

UPDATE: We're almost there!

UPDATE 2: We will be releasing docs today and tomorrow. For those who can't wait: members can already download and try the shop from within their accounts. Non-members can download and try the lite from here.

Here's the trailer :)

UPDATE 3: BreezingCommerce has been released on February 29th, 2016! We will now focus on releasing payment gateways, more plugins and documentation, one-by-one. Please let us know if you need something specific in our forums. Thanks!

Here's BreezingCommerce's main page: https://crosstec.org/en/downloads/breezingcommerce-shopping-cart-for-joomla.html

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