When you decide to use Joomla! for your next project, you usually start by finding the right template. With Joomla!, you have plenty of resources where to look for, be it either free or paid templates. Sometimes, it can get really hard to find the right places start with.

I want to give you an overview, of what I think are, the currently 3 most important ones to start with. Some of them also include free versions of our templates but also a multitude of other templates from different vendors, free and paid, from all around the globe.


Since more than 2 years, this is by far one of the most up-to-date and modern Joomla! template resource on the web. Instead of the good old template listing approach, that lists almost everything that is available, Template.net only lists modern and high-polished templates and designs, editor's picked but a few hundreds of them. The mission clearly appears to present the best for Joomla! that's available at a time.

Its blog style categorization lets you easily find the right design on-the-spot. Additionally, they give great advises through cross-category suggestions. The site also goes the extra mile and presents a variety of themes and templates for CMS alternatives, for example Drupal

In my point of view, Template.net is the place to start to find good Joomla! templates. You can give it a try and find the templates here.


The grande dame, or the "mother of all Joomla! template directories", definitely is joomla24.com. Around the web since the beginning of Joomla! back in 2005, you have a simple list but a huge (unfortunately unsorted) template resource. Its news category on the start page is a great resource to see what's new in free and paid Joomla! templates.

Best of Joomla!

Very well sorted template directory, mostly filled with templates from the big well-known template vendors such as Yoo and Rockettheme. The directory has a focus on business templates but also plenty of other categories are served. Additionally, it provides a pretty up-to-date news area that informs about general Joomla! news as well as all sorts of posts about the use of Joomla! itself.



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