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For our latest Joomla! template "TheKraken" we decided to create a new slider experience - different from the regular sliders you usually see. Target was to have a great visual experience, a low javascript footprint and an acceptable responsive display for narrow screens.


After playing around with really great javascript animation libraries like EaselJS and jQuery animations we wanted to see how we could get along with pure CSS3 and leave most of the work to the browser.

The result is - in our opinion - pretty nice if not amazing and shows perfectly that HTML5/CSS3 features are rapidly developing and becoming the today's and tomorrow's standards.

Click here to see our new animated CSS3 slider TheKraken!

TheKraken slider works well with modern CSS3 browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari (Desktop + iOS), Webkkit (Android), Opera, IE10+, IE9 (EDGE))

Drop us a line what you think about it!

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