Some of you might remember the early days of the web, where many sites had plenty of animated GIFs, obtrusive color schemes and funny ways of navigating the user through the site.


Fortunately these days are over. But sometimes, things are coming back later on, in a more sophisticated and nicer way. I remember stumbling upon sites that had background animations in the early 2000s. These sites vanished pretty quick when more professional designs, simplicity and usability took over the web (which fortunately lead to what we have today).

But there are news: Animated backgrounds are back. Yes, pretty sure. But the way they are presented these days is totally different from what we had at that time.

A good example of animated backgrounds (aka slider) is our new and pretty Joomla! 3.0 template Prismatic. Not only having the ability to slide backgrounds and having neat overlays for them, it also ships with responsiveness. Means, the background slides will work the exactly same way on your mobile handset as they do on your desktop -- and scaling properly on the target device.

Additionally, it ships with a responsive accordion that is able to load modules from any module position where each accordion page resembles a single module. So you can either place images, html or any kind of module into the accordion.

Have a look at the demo here to see how the template works. Please don't forget to open the same page with your mobile or pad.

If you are into both, good designs and technology, then give this fine template a try. You will be able the edit the color scheme and many other things with a few clicks. More detailed information available in the template's documentation.

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